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Truly wish this page didn’t exist, but the fact is, we live in a modern world where everything is exchanged in kind.

I’m not a slave, nor am I a lawyer.

I am however, very well gifted with the knowledge of how the Matrix works.

Any the time I spend with you, is the time I am not spending with my family, as it takes many endless hours of researching information from repatable sources to be able to provide information during the discourse, that presents a real game changer for you.

As I do have specilised principles that work endless hours to bring about a suitable and amicable remedy, folk like yourself have no problem making a pledge so that you have my undivided attention at the time of discourse.

Your pledge is appreciated, thank you.

Pledge directly via PayPal

You can Pledge directly via PayPal and credit cards available through PayPal via this option.

Click on the tab to get to the PayPal login page.

Please use the following email

to send your pledge with Paypal, and join with me standing shoulder to shoulder to fight for truth, freedom and justice…… God speed

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