About us

TERRI ANN BAXTER LIFESKILLS ACADEMY®© expands across the Colony providing clients with high-quality, low cost alternative to successfully step into the PRIVATE, while taking control of their Strawman.
We consider our virtual academy to be the cornerstone of our local communities, which is why we offer affordable sessions which lay the foundation on which to build an even stronger future, in both the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE.
We start at the begining and peel back the layers and remove the burden, that has stood in the way for over 40 plus years.
Our clients are left with a fresh blank canvas to begin the journey into the PRIVATE, and claiming their Strawman.
We offer the experience of the virtual class room (when available), and pave the way for solutions to complex global issues impacting upon our health, environment, technology and culture.

Knowledge is power, enrol today


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