Welcome, we are sincerely time dedicated to a successful navigation throughout the matrix of commerce and also to perfect your Personal Development and growth.

For a complete overview of the steps involved, you need to truly apply yourself to gain the greater benefit of stepping into the Private, and claiming your Strawman.

Having said that, for an over the phone consultation you will begin to peel back the layers and remove the uneccesary components and stress that are irrelevant to your journey.

TERRI ANN BAXTER LIFESKILLS ACADEMY supply a terms and condition form, is required to be completed and submitted prior to consultation within seven days.
*This would require a Justice of the Peace or three up standing Australian born folks over the age of 18 years.
Participants must not be that of family, nor carry any current convictions or pending criminal matters for the past three years.*

Consultation is only open to Commonwealth of Australian Sovereign Born Folks.
Provide three current forms of Idenfication, along with your Terms and Condition form.

  • Drivers licence
  • Photo ID
  • Healthcare card
  • Private Insurance
  • Medicare Card
  • Marine Licence
  • Pilot Licence
  • Other Legal Australian permits issued

What we do-

  • Birth Certificate Authentication Process
    Live Birth Authentication Process
    Statement of Birth Authentication Process
    Claiming your Legal Entity in the PUBLIC – The Strawman
    Future Financial Advancement
  • You will recieve access to our top legal representatives to assist you on your journey

Appointments are booked via the link at the bottom.
Cancelled appointments will be charged a variable administration fee.


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